9th Literature & Composition, 2nd block, Spring 2018

5/14/18  We continue with Romeo and Juliet and with our R and J packet.

5/7/18  We will continue with Romeo and Juliet and working in our R and J packet. please don’t lose this important packet as, if completed, will add extra points to your R and J test at the end of the unit. Also, we expect you to hang onto them as we wont be replacing them if you lose yours.

4/30/18  For the next two weeks, there will be major disruptions to the school day as End of Course testing will be taking place. The EOC test will be Monday through Wednesday of this week. You will already have been notified of the times and locations. Thursday we will cover the Prologue to Romeo and Juliet and Thursday we will start Act 1.

4/23/18  We will be starting “Romeo and Juliet” today as well as reviewing for the End of Course Test (EOCT) which will be coming up the beginning of next week and will last three days. We recommend that you start with the essay on the day that it is assigned and not leave it to the end of the testing for that day.

4/16/18  Our “Where I’m From” poem is due this Tuesday the 17th. Our poetry unit test is this Thursday the 19th.

4/9/18  We will continue to prep for our EOC and we will start our unit on Poetry. We will start with a poem by Emily Dickinson called, “I’m Nobody! Who are you?” We will have our unit 7 vocabulary quiz on Wednesday.

3/26/18  We will finish our unit on the short story and have a test this coming Tuesday. We will then do some preparing for our upcoming EOC test.

3/19/18  We continue in our unit 2 on literary terms. There will be a unit test next week. Tuesday we will have our unit 6 vocabulary quiz and we will read “The Cask of Amontillado” as well. We will have a short quiz over it on Wednesday.

3/12/18  We start unit 2, the Short Story and start unit 6 in vocabulary.

3/5/18  We will have our Unit 1 test this coming Wednesday the 7th. We will then quiz over Unit 5 vocabulary on Thursday the 8th. Ms. Nelson will be back in town on Friday the 9th. We will then start unit 2, the Short Story.

2/26/18  I hope you all had a great week off. We start unit 5 of vocabulary this week as well as continuing on our persuasive essay. We will be in the writing lab Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

2/12/18  We are doing unit 4 for our vocabulary this week and working on the beginnings of a persuasive essay. Next week we’re off, yea!

2/5/18  We continue with Unit 3 for vocabulary and with our work out of our Springboard textbook.

1/29/18  We continue with Unit 2 vocabulary and with our readings out of our Springboard textbook. We will do a RAFT writing and we will be in the computer lab on Friday to type it up. We will continue to work on our English terms as well.

1/22/18  We continue with unit 1 vocabulary. The test will be on Wednesday the 24th. We will start on Unit 2 on Thursday. We also are continuing with our literary terms and we will start some reading in our Springboard textbook.

1/16/18  The week that wasn’t. We had MLK day on Monday, one day of school, then three snow days. On Tuesday we worked on our unit 1 vocabulary and on our notes for our literary terms.

1/9/18  Nice to have had a three day weekend so soon in the semester and we have another one next week as well. We start on sentence structure and types of sentences as well as making claims and citing evidence.

1/4/18  Welcome back! Hope you had a great break. We will start out with a review of basic writing to get us ready to take on 9th Lit!


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