Zoology, 1st block, Spring 2018

5/14/18  We will do our SLO tomorrow during class. We’re just abut done, or will be in three days!

5/7/18  We will have a quiz over Cnidarians (Jellies and Anemones) and Porifera (Sponges) this Friday the 11th. The jellyfish coloring packets are due on Monday the 14th and our Student Learning Objectives Test (SLO) will be next Tuesday the 15th. The last day for class for seniors will be Wednesday the 16th.

4/30/18  For the next two weeks, there will be major disruptions to the school day as End of Course testing will be taking place. We will start out unit on Annelids. Mr. Lindsay will be out on Thursday the 4th. The worm coloring packet is due Monday the 7th.

4/23/18  We will have an Echinoderm test this coming Thursday.

4/16/18  We will have an Arthropod quiz this Tuesday.

4/9/18  We continue our unit on Arthropods. We will have a quiz on Wednesday and we will also start a crayfish lab on that day as well. We will finish the lab on Thursday.

3/26/18  We will have a test this coming Wednesday covering our unit on Fish and Amphibians. We will then start on our unit on Arthropods.

3/19/18  We continue in our unit on amphibians. There will be a test upcoming.

3/12/18  The Bird quiz will now be tomorrow, Tuesday, then we will start our unit on Amphibians.

3/5/18  We will have a quiz today over Reptiles. We will then start our sub unit on Birds. The video on the Dinosaur Bird will be posted on Schoology. There is an accompanying question sheet that you can get in class. There will be a quiz next Monday the 12th covering Birds. We will then move onto Amphibians.

2/26/18  I hope you all had a great week off. We are now on unit 4, Reptiles and Birds. We will do a lab dissection of a rat on Wednesday and Thursday.

2/12/18  We are working on our unit 3 mammal unit projects this week and have some time scheduled for the media center. This project, which is in lieu of an unit test, will be due on Thursday, 2/15. We are also doing a lab dissection this week. Then we have one week off, yea!

2/5/18  We have an unit 2 test today covering Evolution and Classification. we will then go on to our unit on Mammals.

1/29/18  We continue unit 2 covering the area of Evolution.

1/22/18  We will have our Ecology review test this Wednesday the 24th. Then Thursday we will start on our second unit which will cover Evolution.

1/16/18  The week that wasn’t. We had MLK day on Monday, one day of school, then three snow days. On Tuesday we did a worksheet on Populations.

1/9/18  Nice to have had a three day weekend so soon in the semester and we have another one next week as well. We start on organization of the animal kingdom this week.

1/4/18  Welcome back! Hope you had a great break. We will start out with a review of lab safety procedures and of Biology to get us ready to take on Zoology.



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