Environmental Science, 1st block, Spring ’19

4/22/19  We are now on our second to the last unit. This unit is called Earth and Pollution.

4/15/19  We have a quiz today cover human populations and our unit test will be this Wednesday the 17th. We will be working on a study guide in class in order to prepare. We’re nearing the finish line line, so don’t give up, push harder, and keep on!

4/8/19  We are working on our unit 4 which covers Human Populations. We will have a quiz next Monday the 15th and our unit test on Wednesday the 17th. Please get your make up work in asap as grades go in this week.

3/25/19 We will continue on our unit covering Populations. Expect a vocabulary quiz this week.

3/18/19  Today we will take our Unit 3 test covering Ecology. Tomorrow we will start on our unit on Populations.

3/11/19  This week we continue with our Ecology unit. We will have a quiz tomorrow, Tuesday, covering the aquatic vocabulary that we have been studying. Our unit 3 test will be this Friday the 15th. Also on that day our rough draft of our research paper will be due.

3/4/19  This week we continue with our unit in Ecology, in particular, Biomes. We have a Biomes quiz tomorrow (Tuesday).

2/25/19  Welcome back! I hope you had a great break. We start our Unit 3 on Ecology with Aquatic Ecosystems.

2/11/19  We continue with our unit 2 on Ecology. We will have a quiz over Succession tomorrow and we will have our unit test this coming Friday.

2/4/19  We continue on our unit 2 on Ecology. On Wednesday the 6th, we will have a Food Web quiz and we will re-test the following day. On Tuesday the 12, we will have another quiz covering succession vocabulary and the food web. On Friday the 15th, we will have our Unit 2 test.

1/28/19  We will have a snow day tomorrow. Thursday will will be having a vocabulary test.

1/22/19  We will be having the unit 1 test tomorrow, Tuesday. We will go over the study guide in class today.

1/14/19  We are on Unit 1 which is an Introduction to Environmental Science. Friday the 18th we will have our first quiz.

1/7/19  Welcome back to another semester at Wheeler High School. Let’s make it a good one. I am here to help you any way I can for you to be successful!


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