12/19 Our last week of Biology. We will meet on Wednesday the 21st at 8:20 am for our last time. I hope that you all learned a lot!

Here is the final exam schedule –

Tuesday, December 20th will be the finals for 1st Block at 8:20 am and 2nd Block at 10:06 am.

Wednesday, December 21st will be finals for 3rd Block at 8:20 am and 4th Block at 10:06 am.

12/12  Now that the End f Curse tests for Biology are over, we are working on an end of the semester project. see Mr. Lindsay or Ms. Matthys for details.

12/5  We will be taking our End of Course test on Biology this coming Wednesday, 12/7. On Monday and Tuesday, we will continue to review for the EOCT.

11/28  I hope you all had a great, relaxing, and fun filled break. Now back to work! We will start our End of Course review today and this will continue until the EOC takes place.

11/14  We have our test this Thursday covering chapters 2 – 5.

11/7  We continue with our Unit 4, The History of Biological Diversity. The test for this unit will be next Thursday, 11/17. It will cover chapters 2 – 5.

10/31  The test for chapters 14 and 15 is on Tuesday, November 1st. We will then start on our next unit which will cover chapters 2 through 5. Chapter 2, Principles of Ecology; Chapter 3 Communities, Biomes, and Ecosystems; Chapter 4, Population Ecology; and Chapter 5, Biodiversity and Conservation.

10/24  We are still on Unit 4, The History of Biological Diversity. The test for Chapters 14 and 15 will be next week on Tuesday, 11/1.

10/17  We are starting a new unit, Unit 4, History of Biological Diversity. We start in Chapter 14 in our Biology textbooks, The History of Life. We will also be covering Chapters 15, 16, and 17 in this unit which will take some weeks.

10/10  We are continuing in chapter 12 on DNA. The test for this will be on Thursday the 13th instead of Wednesday the 12th of this week a originally announced due to the school wide testing and activities that will take place on Tuesday.

10/3  Hope you all had a restful break. We are starting chapter 12 today covering DNA.

9/19/16  We will be having our Unit 10 and 11 test this upcoming Friday, the 23rd. This unit covers Sexual Reproduction and Genetics. Study, study, study!

9/12/16  On Monday the 12th, we have a test covering Unit 9, Cellular Reproduction. We will then start on Unit 10, Sexual Reproduction and Genetics on Monday the 12th as well.

9/6/16  Test review covering Chapter 9 on Cellular Reproduction is this Friday the 9th and the test is the following Monday the 16th. Please review all your notes daily as this will help you do better on your quizzes and tests.

8/29/16  Chapter 8 test is this coming Wednesday, August 31st. This unit covers Cellular Energy. Please study in order to do well on this important test.