12/19 We will have our final for 1st block World History on Tuesday, 12/20 at 8:20 am. We will have our final for 4th block on Wednesday, 12/21 at 10:06 am.

Our Decades project is due today. Please see Ms. Aragon or Ms. Matthys for details on this important project.

Tuesday, December 20th will be the finals for 1st Block at 8:20 am and 2nd Block at 10:06 am.

Wednesday, December 21st will be finals for 3rd Block at 8:20 am and 4th Block at 10:06 am.

12/12  We will take our last unit test this Tuesday, the 13th during 1st and 4th blocks. It will cover the years between WW I and WW II and will include WW II as well.

12/5  This week we are studying World war II and the time in between WW I and WW II. The test in this unit will be on Tuesday, December the 13th.

11/28  I hope you all had a great, relaxing, and fun filled break. Now back to work! We are continuing to work on our Industrialization and Imperialism unit. The projected date of this test is this Thursday, 12/1. As always, I will review for this test after school the day before.

11/14 We have our test this coming Tuesday, 11/15 covering unit 7 on the Revolution and Imperialism.

11/7  We continue on with unit 7 on the Revolution and Imperialism which includes the Enlightenment and the Revolutions. The test on this unit will be next Tuesday, 11/15.

10/31  We had our test this last Friday on Unit 6. Today we start Unit 7 on Revolution  and Imperialism.

10/24  We will be having a test this Friday the 28th on the Age of Exploration. Please study and review your notes daily.

10/ 17  We are starting our Age of Exploration unit. The test will be sometime the following week.

10/10  We will continue out unit covering the Renaissance and the Reformation. We will also do a project this week making a movie poster for the Renaissance.

10/3  We start our unit on the Renaissance  and its writers and artists. We will also cover the Reformation. On Friday we will have a short quiz.

9/19/16  We will be having a vocabulary quiz tomorrow, Tuesday, over the words in our Unit 4 packet. The unit test will be this coming Friday, the 23rd. study, study, study!

9/12/16  We have just finished our unit on the Byzantine and Mongol Empires last Friday. On Monday we will start Unit 4, the Middle Ages and the Crusades.

9/6/16   We have been learning about the Byzantine and Mongol Empires and the ancient Islamic world and we will be learning about early African societies. Please review all of your notes daily in order to aid in remembering this information and do better on your tests and quizzes.

8/29/16  We have a unit test covering Ancient Greece and Rome this coming Tuesday, August 30th. Please study for this important test.