Zoology, 3rd and 4th blocks, Fall ’18


Monday, 12/17  We re almost there! This is our last week before our winter break and boy, do we all need it! We are reviewing for our final which will take place this Tuesday the 18th. We will have A lunch instead of D for tomorrow (Tuesday) only. We will close our Reptile/Bird online test this Friday the 21st at the end of school (11:59 am).

Monday, 12/10  We are whizzing through our last few units. Tonight the online frog dissection lab is due by 11:59 tonight. We are working on Unit 7, Fish and Amphibians, then Unit 8 on Reptiles and Lizards, and finally unit 9 on Mammals and other Chordates. Next week is our last week of the semester, so study hard and get that work done!

Monday, 12/3  Unit 5 summative online test on Mollusks and Echinoderms will close tonight at 11:59 pm. Unit 6 summative test on Arthropods is now open and will close this Thursday night at 11:59 pm. Unit 7 will cover Fish and Amphibians, then we have Unit 8 on Reptiles and Lizards, and finally unit 9 on Mammals and other Chordates. Hold on to your hats, we have 13 days left until finals.

Monday, 11/26  Welcome back from Thanksgiving break! I hope you had a great and relaxing time. We continue on our Unit 5 on Mollusks and Echinoderms. Towards the end of the week, thee will be a special extra credit opportunity that is online on Schoology. This grade will take the place of the lowest assignment grade that you have had this semester. It will be open from Thursday morning the 29th and will close at 11:59 Friday night the 30th. Also, our unit 5 summative test on Mollusks and Echinoderms is online on Schoology and will close next Monday the 3rd at 11:59 pm.

Monday, November 12  We are in Unit 4 covering Worms! Our final assessment is due today via Schoology. We will then start Unit 5 tomorrow. It will cover Mollusks and  Echinoderms. We are working on our notes packets from our textbook and we have our coloring packet due this Friday the 16th. At the end of this week, we have a whole week off! Happy Turkey Day to you all!

Monday, November 5  We will continue on our section of segmented worms in our unit 4 of worms. Expect a unit test later this week.

Monday, October 29  We are continuing our unit on Worms which include flatworms, roundworms, and segmented worms. We will have a vocabulary quiz over the flatworm vocabulary today and start on our roundworm section of the unit. Grades will be submitted this Wednesday the 31st, so if you have make up work and want it reflected on this progress report, please submit it asap. We will start our section of segmented worms in our unit 4 on worms.

Monday, October 15  We start our week with a quiz over Cnidarians today. Make sure to keep up with your journal entries daily as it’s an easy A if you do this simple task and this should be helping your grade. We will be doing a summative project instead of a test to end up our unit on Porifera and Cnidarians. We will have some time in class to work on this, but you will be expected to do some of the work out of class. All information is in our Schoology account under unit 3 summative assessment. We will next cover Worms in our next unit.

Monday, October 8  We start with another section of unit 3 which covers Cnidarians today which include jellys (used to be called jellyfish), sea anemones, and corals. Make sure to keep up with your notes as this is the main place we get our test and quiz questions from.

Monday, October 1  I hope you had a great week off! We will start unit 3 today which will cover mammals. We will have a quiz this Friday, October 5th which will cover sponges. Be sure to know all of its parts.

Monday, September 17  We will have a quiz tomorrow, Tuesday the 18th, cover part of our unit on Classification. We will have our unit test on this Friday the 21st.

Monday, September 10  We will retake the quiz on Evolution that we took last Thursday as the class, as a whole, did not do well. We will then continue with our Evolution unit. Grades go in on this Wednesday the 12th, so make sure that you get all of your work in before that.

Tuesday, September 4  We will do a geologic time period lab today and possibly tomorrow. Thursday we will have a quiz covering our evolution material that we have had so far in Unit 3.

Monday, 8/27/18  Today we start on our Classification and Organization unit. This is our third unit of our Zoology class. There are ten units total.

Monday, 8/20/18  We will continue with our unit on Ecology. Today we will learn about the words utilized in describing different areas of animal bodies. Tomorrow we will have a lab on this, and Wednesday we will have a quiz covering these new terms. Thursday we will review for Friday’s unit 1 test covering Evolution.

Monday, 8/13/18  We will test over the basics of Biology this Tuesday the 14th, then we will start on our first Zoology unit which will be on Ecology.

Monday, 8/6/18  We will start reviewing the basics of Biology this week. Expect an assessment next Tuesday the 14th.

Wednesday, 8/1/18  Welcome to another wonderful school year! We look forward to learning many new and interesting things together this year. For most of you, this will be your last year of high school, then on to bigger things!



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